Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I never have any time to write blogs. Well, either that or I really don't have anything meaningful to say and/or I just don't want people to know what I'm thinking.

Anyway, I finally found the time AND motivation to write something... at 1 AM after I just got back from a seminar about the swine flu and how you should be getting enough sleep haha. I would be sleeping however I had to study for my big bio test tommorrow (ahh!). I just got through studying and discovered I was incredibly hungry and I can never go to sleep when I'm hungry. I also thought of something that I wanted to share.

So I started zoning off while studying (the material is incredibly interesting to me, but you can only study for so long....) and started thinking about something way off topic. I started thinking about how important relationships are and the best way to go about having them- the best way to enjoy them and make an impact at the same time. It basically breaks down into 1. spend more time with people and 2. study them. Mostly the study part, because there are some people you can't spend that much time with. If we can just learn how people act and react, what they like and dislike, what sets them off, what calms them down, how to get their attention and how to push them away... if we can just learn all of these things, about our friends, our family, our co-workers, our classmates... and act upon what we learn, then we will have much better relationships. Change the way you act depending on who you are hanging out with or simply having a conversation with. I'm not talking about changing your personality in order to fit in. I'm talking about being completely comfortable with yourself, while being considerate and compassionate with others, learning how you can love them and laugh with them, helping them feel comfortable as well. Everyone is so different and interesting in their own way. And lots of people have been hurt and act "weird" because of certain things that happened in their past.

It takes time to understand people, but if you are patient, it will be well worth it. Once you learn how to communicate with people, you will see all of the wonderful things they have to offer, and they might be able to help you. You might be able to help them, too.

It's all about spending time, studying, making mistakes, learning from them, and finally reaching that point where you can program yourself to communicate specifically with that special person.

Time to go to bed... goodnight =)


  1. Back in the grind again, Christina? Well, I'll not try keeping you so long with my usual lengthy mail. College life can be so wild, or is that loud? :)

    Ok, relation-ships. Interesting topic. Had a lot of good thoughts there, young lady. Something caught my atention. What do we do with those people that do weird things due to their past? The ones too many push off, do not take the time to be a friend and listen to them? My contention is this, maybe we need to push off one of two who think they have it all together and take up those who are ignored, those who are labeled as "weird," and listen to them. After all we just might save a few lives down the road.

    Then again, there were a few men who came along and befriended me, stuck with me (who knows how or why!), and I'm the better today.

    Have a good day, Christina, and a great semester!


  2. hey John! haha well yes, college life CAN be wild... i was there once... still in college however its just a community college at the moment so life is not so "wild" :)
    you bring up a great point. that's what Jesus did, isn't it? :)

    great hearing from you! and sorry it took me so long to respond


  3. We are all being wrapped up in busyness, Christina. I understand. I remain your friend and prayer partner.